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There are probably different steps you go through while writing essays. If you know the process and you are following correctly only then you will get your hand smooth on essay writing.

Pick a reasonable topic

You have a topic which is assigned to you. Now you will start reading the articles related to the topic. Once you have detailed knowledge of the topic. Only than you can think before writing in a broader way. Picking a topic by yourself is a difficult task. If you are selecting any topic for the essay, you must know that you must have a huge amount of information on your finger notes.

Construct a Diagram of your ideas

Before writing an essay, you must create a draft of your essay. This will include the content in a form of flow charts. In which you can easily divide all the content in different headings in the diagram.

Write your own statement

Once you have written your ideas into picture form. Then you must write a “two” line statement of your essay. That statement must specify a short line introduction of your essay topic. Look at your diagram which you have created and think of it and make a perfect statement.

Write main body and introduction

You have to start your essay with a small introduction of the keyword. For instance, if you are writing an essay on topic “Which country I will travel” so before starting it write a brief introduction of the country and a little definition of travelling in a line. After a small introduction write the main body of the essay which may include the features of that country you would like to visit. And finally always try to write an essay first on a rough paper and add finish touches to it at the end.

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