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Make Hay While The Sun Shines Essay

Unless the farmers utilise the sunshine to dry the hay, it cannot be stacked for future use, for stacking in a moist state causes the hay to rot and to be unfit for consumption by cattle. The result of this is that farmers find it extremely difficult to keep their horses and cattle alive and the consequence is either total ruin or suffering a heavy loss. Farmers,therefore, should not be idle and allow ‘the sunny days to pass away, but should utilise every moment of it to dry their hay. Once they let the summer slip, they will not have further opportunity to dry their hay for that year at least. This is the literal meaning of the proverb. Taken generally, it means that opportunities whenever they come should be immediately seized and turned to good account. If they are allowed to pass away, they will never return.

The proverb is capable of application in every sphere of life and the lesson that it conveys is of much practical utility in everyday matters in this world. Life is not plain sailing. Everyone has to pass through dangers and difficulties and in the midst of these favourable opportunities present themselves now and then. It should be the duty of every man to utilise these opportunities at one, or he might never again get similar opportunities and suffer irreparable loss. Work that has to be done today should not be post-poned for the next day. Life of man is extremely uncertain. A man in sound health today may suddenly fall ill the next day and he may never recover the opportunity of doing the work he had left undone. In these days of keen competition if one does not keep one’s eyes open and allows opportunities to slip by, someone else will at once take advantage of it, and the idle and careless man will find that he has become a loser. A student who neglects his studies in the class and does not try to make up his deficiency during the vacations can never expect to come out successful in his examination, for he may never again get a long holiday to make preparations before his examination comes off.

Those who, either on account of carelessness or idleness, neglect to “take time by the forelock” are not only losers in the long run but may be involved in ruin for this slight neglect. Favorable opportunities are rare and once they have passed they can hardly be got back again. Even if they return, a thousand obstacles might stand in the way and make it impossible for the opportunities to be turned to advantage. And then the .man who has lost his opportunities can do nothing but repent for his carelessness and neglect. The consequences of not observing what the proverb teaches are not to be treated lightly; they are by no means insignificant. Indifference to make good use of an opportunity presented might make a man unhappy and miserable for ever.

The story from the Bible of the five wise and five foolish virgins, who went to attend a marriage feast, will be an appropriate illustration of the proverb. The five wise virgins went with their lamps trimmed end filled with oil. But the foolish ones, though they had every facility, neither took oil nor trimmed their lamps. when at midnight the cry went round that the bridegroom was coming, the wise virgins at once rose, lighted their lamps and joined the marriage party. But the foolish ones were ‘quite unprepared and when their friends refused to lend them oil they left the place to buy it from the market. When they returned, however, they found that the marriage party had gone away and~the door of the hall was shut. It is clear form what has been stated above that it is extremely foolish and risky to allow opportunities which come to pass away unutilised.

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