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Rome Was Not Built In a Day Essay

Nothing great or valuable is possible in this world within a short space of time. All such things must be accomplished gradually. No one can reach the summit of a mountain by a single leap. The climbing must be done slowly and cautiously and considerable effort is required to reach the top. A building cannot rise suddenly from its foundation to roof. It must be constructed step by step: first the foundation, then the plinth, then the walls and finally the roof. The city of Rome with its magnificent buildings, public parks and squares and its extensive empire, embracing almost the whole world, was not the world of a single day. Rome was at first only a small village having only a few mean huts. Long years of patient toil on the part of the people, their perseverance and strong determination made Rome the greatest power in the world and helped her to attain the height of glory and prosperity. It was not the work of days or months but years.

That is true of everything great in this world. One cannot expect to be successful in any great undertaking in the course of a few days. In The Chinese philosopher, Foo-tsze who had given up his literary pursuits in impatience, was inspired with patience on seeing a woman rubbing a small bar of iron on a piece of stone with the object of making a knitting needle out of it. The lesson taught by the woman was deeply impressed upon him and by virtue of his patience he rose to be one of the greatest men in China.

The proverb “Rome was not built in a day” teaches u1 thaait is. foolish to expect to achieve anything great in a single day. We must allow time for the accomplishment of a great object and must have patience and perseverance to see it through. The proverb is an eye-opener and a source of encouragement to us. If for the building of the vast Roman Empire it was necessary to spend vast energy and enormous time, then it is no wonder that proportionate energy and time will have to be spent for all great things. The example of Rome should fill us with vigour and energy even though we meet with failures, and should take us onward till we succeed in achieving the great object which is our goal.

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