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Where There’s a Will There’s A Way Essay

One who possesses a strong will and a firm determination is sure to find a way out of all difficulties. To such a man nothing is impossible. This is what the proverb means. It is needless to say that this maxim is very valuable to us as a guide through the journey of life and as a means of hope and encouragement through the various difficulties and failures that human beings are subject to. The path of life is not strewn with roses but is extremely thorny. At every step in his march forward, a man has to encounter failures and dangers. Unless one has a determined will, one is sure to succumb to these. On the other hand, a person who is armed with absolute determination will find that all obstacles melt away before him, as ice before the sun. It is often seen that many persons form elaborate plans of doing something great, but after proceeding a little way they give up further attempts to carry out their plans. This failure on their part is due to nothing else but their lack of resolute will, a quality which enables one to stick to a particular thing until one has achieved success.

A man who has undertaken to do something should go along the chosen path. He should have the determination and perseverance to remain firm to his original plan. If he follows this course, he will find that, sooner or later, all his difficulties have vanished and that he has been successful in his efforts. If, however, on the slightest indication of failure, he gives up his original plans and has recourse to a new method of work or gives up the attempt altogether, he can never hope for success. He must possess the will to be successful and this will bring about a solution of all his difficulties, however great they might be. There is much truth in the saying “As our thoughts are, so will our success be,” or, in other words, our success is proportionate to the strength of our will. Without the capacity for sustained effort, it is not possible to steer clear through difficulties. Given the quality of perseverance and determination, it will be found that after all it is not so difficult to surmount difficulties as is commonly.supposed by those who are wanting in this quality.

It has been pointed out that failures are the inevitable lot of men.But it should be borne in mind that failures should never discourage us. It is only weak-minded men who lose all energy and feel dejected, whenever failure overtakes them. One who is endowed with firm determination, however, feels no disappointment. On the contrary, the more he meets with failure, the more determined he becomes, till by dint of the firmness of his mind, he achieves his goal. Such a man never acknowledges defeat. No amount of failure can make him change his plan of action, nor is he in any way affected. He proceeds onward inspired by his failure, till he is successful in his efforts. This type of man is a true follower of the maxim “Where there is a will there is a way”. And this should be the motto of all people in this world.

That man, having a firm determination, can overcome all difficulties and achieve almost the impossible, will be evident from the following illustrations. Demosthenes, the famous Greek orator, was a stammerer in his youth and for this he even got the nickname of the ‘stutterer’. But from young age he had the aspiration of becoming an orator and though stammering is one of the greatest disqualifications for an orator, he was not at all daunted. He was endowed with a strong will and by virtue of it he got over his defect and in time rose to be one of the greatest orators. The history of Robert Bruce is another instance in point. He made six attempts to win the freedom of Scotland, but every time he failed. He did not yield, however, and in the next attempt that he made he was successful. When Napoleon, on his Italian expedition during the winter months, had to cross the Alps to.enter Italian territory, he was told that it would not be possible to cross the Alps in that season. Napoleon was not a man to be cowed down by difficulties. He was a man of iron will and in his estimation there was nothing like an impossibility in this world. He was determined to cross the Alps and he did cross it.

From the examples given above, we can say without fear of contradiction that the man who possesses a resolute will is  sure, to overcome all dangers and difficulties. Other defects or failings he might have, but that does not matter, for they are nothing in the face of a strong determination. And it should be mentioned here, that a man, who has strength of mind, has rarely any serious defect, excepting it may be physical ones. There is no denying the fact that if we really mean to do a thing, we shall surely find a way for its solution, no matter what the difficulties there might be.

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